I’ll be at High Mountain Health on Wednesday 4/20 starting at 11am. I’ll be promoting the book and helping out at the Gringodilla’s food truck.

Order the softcover version of Hooray! HighKu! at the event and pay only $25, plus get a free handmade lighter coozie!

Take advantage of the deals inside the dispensary, and get yourself a snack from the food truck when the munchies hit you!

Stop by to see us and celebrate!

Happy 420 šŸ™‚



Hooray! HighKu!Ā is NOW AVAILABLEĀ on

Get a copy for yourself, and one for a stoner friend

– it’s the perfect gift!




Welcome to the home of Hooray! HighKu!

Content for my first book of HighKu poetry lives here.

You can meet the illustrators and hear how a simple Craigslist ad made this book possible.

You can submit HighKu poetry and illustrations for future books.

You can read behind the scenes stories about featured HighKu poems.

You can get random factoids about marijuana.

You can find out where to buy the book.

Come on in,

stay a while.

Enjoy yourself.





pineapple express

chill, 420 food truck daze

try the falafel!


Today I spent time with my good friend Mike at the GringoDilla’s food truck. We were parked outside the front door at High Mountain Health medical dispensary, serving Flagstaff Famous food to the crowd of people who were waiting to purchase their medicine (and possibly suffering from acute cases of the munchies!). Falafel was the most popular order, and let me tell you, the guys at GringoDilla’s make the best falafel you’ll ever taste – courtesy of Eldan’s personal twist on a family recipe that originated in Israel. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out – big time!

I set up my book in the front window where we took orders, and as people waited they thumbed through the HighKu’s. Unfortunately I didn’t make any book sales, but I saw many delighted faces as folks came across some of the funny and trippy poems in the book, and I heard a few “ooh’s” and “aah’s” over the brilliant illustrations. I’ll take it! It’s all about spreading that joy, people! I did a little of that joy-spreading for myself, in honor or the holiday, and indulged in a locally-grown strain of Pineapple Express… It’s a wonder I could even talk, cuz that shit rocked my world!

You can pick up your copy of Hooray! HighKu! On Amazon.comĀ 

Happy 420!